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Rhythm's Rants

02.04.02 - Stay fuzzy. Save the world. Choices...

01.28.02 - Oh my god. D+Pad linked to me (sort of.). Read the D+Pad. Love the D+Pad. Link ish on the left. Of course, I seriously doubt the guy is a reader - after all, who is? I mean, this comic sucks.. blah blah blah self-pity blah blah blah. End rant. Oh! Before I forget, I'm having computer trouble - those IRL troubles I told you about. So, um, updates will be..rare, at best. Bah.

01.18.02 - Ehehehe. I've kind of been updating sporadically..IRL troubles, y'see. Anyways, this update is for Ran. ALL HAIL RAN.